We will buy your home in any condition and you can get your money within 10 days. No Realtors, No Home Inspectors, No Termite Inspection and no showing your home to hundreds of people and hoping for a sale. Call me, I come out take a look at the house, make you an offer, you accept and the money is wired to you within 10 days in most cases. If you know someone looking to sell have them call Iuli Construction for an easy no hassle sale.

How We Started


  David Iuli founded Iuli Construction in 2000 working mostly for realtors and investors flipping residential properties.

   David was an electrician by trade and started venturing into other trades due to his passion for construction. After many years of mastering multiple trades he went into business for himself. The good thing about learning several trades is the fact that you realize what you're good at and what you're not. Knowing what we are good at allows us to focus on those trades and subcontract things we need help on.

 We understand the importance of experience and continued education in our business. Striving to keep up with the times we are constantly studying new construction methods and practices.

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